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"I was a bit skeptical about acupuncture treatment for a nagging lower back pain and more recently severe sciatic pain. My first treatment ever, by Joanie Stewart, promised relief. Efficient, effective and professional in every respect, Dr. Joanie treated me and the lower back pain gradually subsided. The most relief I've had in many years."     Tom R. (Huntingdown, MD)

"I would like to recommend Dr Joanie (Acupuncturist) for any one who would seek such therapies. She is a wonderful person and listens to your problems with great patience. The 2 sessions I had with her were great. I could feel my body rejuvenated with power and freshness after going for 2 sessions I had. Thank you Dr Joanie. Also would like to recommend the facility, its really professional and like the hygiene levels they maintain."     S.R. (Alexandria, VA)

"I have been seeing Joanie Stewart, for acupuncture for several months and am so pleased with the results. Dr Joanie is so sweet and gentle and, more important, she is very competent. We have worked on arthritis, eczema, stress and one treatment along with Chinese herbs dramatically prevented a cold from becoming bronchitis. I had tried acupuncture only once before and swore never again. I am so glad I tried Dr Joanie. As a physician myself, I am happy to praise this fine practitioner."  Marsha W. (Alexandria, VA)

"I have seen Joanie Stewart three times in the past two weeks for cranio-sacral therapy and acupuncture. Each time I left feeling SO much better--she definitely has the magic touch! Shehas been one of the few medical professionals to help me through my slow and difficult recovery resulting from a car accident in January. I have been suffering with a concussion, whiplash, intractable headache, muscle spasms, tremors, nausea, dizziness, body aches, and pain... thelist goes on. She has been able to significantly lower my pain and tremendously aid my recovery. THANK YOU!!!"   Erin S. (McLean, VA)

"If you're even considering going to see Dr. Joanie for acupuncture, just go!!! She has turned me into an acupuncture evangelist. I send friends, family, and even my kids' pediatrician to her.   When I moved to Alexandria in 2012 ...I began googling allergy relief. Up popped acupuncture, and Dr. Joanie at Back to Health. It was either try it out, or claw my itchy eyes out whilst hacking up a congested lung.
After two weeks of twice-weekly acupuncture sessions with Dr. Joanie, I was nearly symptom-free.  Years later, I still don't have to take allergy medicine, I just go for a 'tune up' every month or so. I can't possibly overemphasize the benefits I've gotten out of treatment with Dr. Joanie. She helps with everything from bronchitis to stress. She has helped me listen to my body and allow it to heal
itself. She's a true healer, and good for the soul!"    Sunset B. (Alexandria, VA)

"Had a persistent and painful foot recommended medications to reduce inflammation (which would have interfered with other med I am taking)...or cortisone shots (of which I have previously had many and know it is a "hope this works" cure, because "we can't figure anything else to do"....Selected Joanie Stewart, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and acupuncture and after several
session the pain disappeared. I am thrilled and actually surprised.....very happy ....."    Karl W. (Reston, VA)

"I saw Dr. Joanie for acupuncture the week of my due date. I was scheduled for an induction and was on a deadline. I absolutely did not want a hospital induction and the days were ticking closer and closer to that date. I saw Dr. Joanie for an acupuncture induction on Monday morning and Tuesday afternoon - and went into labor Tuesday night. I was 39 weeks 3 days pregnant and just 4 away from my scheduled induction. I honestly attribute my quick and smooth labor and delivery to both my chiropractic care and my acupuncture induction. I will most certainly continue to recommend Dr. Shara, Dr. Joanie and the staff at Back to Health."  Tricia H. (Alexandria, VA)

"I came here for my first acupuncture visit after wanting to try it for a long time. I was experiencing chronic stiffness, and it was much improved after one single visit... Dr. Joanie Stewart was excellent. She was knowledgeable, experienced, and comforting. Overall, my
acupuncture visit was THE MOST PROFOUND HEALING EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. I left feeling lighter, brighter, and more energized. I could tell during the acupuncture that my energy channels were opening up. 4 days later and I still feel a difference. I will definitely go back and am hooked for life!   Chloe (Providence, RI)

"I had severe pain in my back for nearly a year. I tried everything to make the pain go away though nothing helped. After two sessions with Dr. Joanie the pain was gone and I had relief. I only wish I had gone to her sooner."   R. A. (Alexandria, VA)

"Love this place! (Back to Health Center) Have been going for years. Chiropractors are great. Acupuncturist is so wonderful and caring. Highly recommend this place."   C. L. (Manhattan, NY)

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